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How To Make Foam Soap with Essential Oils

Make foam soap for your bathroom, kitchen, or travel bag.

Foam soap feels so light, airy, and silky on my hands. I just had to create a recipe for it with essential oils (to make it feel even more luxurious)!

My favorite way to make foam soap calls for castile soap, which is already in a liquid form. I don’t blend my castile soap with water to thin it out (but some people do, as it saves on the cost of the final product). Instead, I like to blend in a little aloe vera gel, for an extra skin-softening effect.

You can get foam soap pump bottles from Aromatics International. They have two sizes—one is just right for your bathroom or kitchen sink, and one is small enough to travel with. This recipe is for the smaller size, which holds 50 ml (1.67 oz).

I’ll be honest . . . I don’t actually measure my ingredients when I make foam soap! I just fill my bottle most of the way with castile soap. I add a little aloe vera gel, then I add about 30 drops total of essential oils. I always make sure to leave some space in the bottle, because once I screw the lid on, it will cause the liquid to rise a little. In other words, don’t fill it to the top.

But I know that many people really prefer to have a recipe with measurements, especially when making a blend for the first time.

So here is how it breaks down:

Perfect Citrus Foam Soap

  • 40 ml castile soap
  • 12 drops distilled Lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia)
  • 12 drops Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

If you’re thinking, “But wait—aren’t citrus oils phototoxic?” You’re right, many are. But Sweet Orange is not phototoxic, and distilled Lime does not have the phototoxic properties that cold-pressed Lime does.

Also, phototoxicity isn’t a concern in products designed to wash off the skin. (In lotion or body cream, phototoxicity is a significant safety issue. But with foam soap, a wash off product, it is okay to use phototoxic oils.)

You can choose your own essential oils when you make foam soap. I added about 24 drops total for this recipe. I want to note that the number of drops of essential oil you add is really personal preference. I have added as little as 2 to 3 drops per oz (30 ml). Some people prefer to use water in their soap too, even making blends that are 2/3 water and 1/3 castile soap! If you'd like to use water, the amount you use is all up to you.

You can watch me make this foam soap blend on a YouTube video I made. That way, you can see how to estimate your measurements yourself.

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