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How To Make Baby Powder with All Natural Ingredients

Make baby powder at home and make baby smile!

How To Make Baby Powder with All Natural Ingredients

Babies have some of the most sensitive skin. It can respond to the slightest irritation! That’s why it surprised me to learn that most baby powders in stores—even in health food stores—contain ingredients that can be irritating. Nothing but the purest ingredients should go on that sensitive skin!

So I like to make baby powder myself for friends who have kids. I use ingredients that are absorbent and nourishing at the same time

You’ll need a 2 oz (56 gm) glass jar (use PET plastic if it's going in the diaper bag, so it won't break if it gets tossed around) and a coffee grinder to make this baby powder.

The ingredients are:

  • 1 oz (28 gm) white clay
  • 1 tbsp (15 gm) dried German Chamomile flowers
  • 1 tsp (5 gm) kuzu root
  • 1 tsp (5 gm) vanilla bean powder

You can grind up all your ingredients at the same time. The main thing to pay attention to is the chamomile flowers. Be sure there are no stems on them (just the flowers), and you want them ground up into a very fine powder. (The clay, kuzu root, and vanilla bean should already be in powder form when you get them.) When the chamomile flowers are ground nice and fine, you’re done. Then just spoon your homemade baby powder into your jar.

To use it, just pinch a little powder in your fingers and sprinkle it on baby’s skin or in the diaper. This powder is safe for cloth diapers, as well as disposable ones.

If you’d rather use a powder shaker, you can get those online. (SKS Bottles is one source I like to use.)

I made a YouTube video of this recipe, so you can watch me make it. It really takes very little time! You can see the consistency of the powder and the kind of container I use on the video.

I prefer to reserve one coffee grinder for body products and another for coffee. It’s not a problem if you use yours for coffee—just clean it out first, and know that the aroma of your baby powder might include a hint of java. Otherwise, it will smell like vanilla and chamomile—warm and comforting!

If you enjoyed watching me make this blend on the video, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. You’ll be notified every time I post a new aromatherapy video!

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