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Aromahead Weekly: Free Aromatherapy Recipes

by Andrea Butje on March 27, 2015

Aromahead Weekly aromatherapy recipesOne of the best ways to get to know essential oils is by spending time with them and using them in different kinds of recipes.

That’s why I created Aromahead Weekly—a free weekly email series that explores one essential oil a month. Each month includes four (sometimes five) emails that introduce you to different aspects of the oil’s personality, and new recipes to bring out that personality in fun ways!

If you’d like to receive Aromahead Weekly, just CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

It’s completely free, and it’s a great way to deepen your knowledge about essential oils you may not be so familiar with yet . . . and to build a recipe collection of 52 new blends!

What do I mean by “spending time with essential oils?”

Essential oils feel like friends to me. That’s why I sometimes describe them as “having personality.”

The more time you spend with an oil, the more you come to understand different nuances of that oil. I suggest making different blends with it, smelling the oil at different times throughout your day, making notes on the oil's properties and your feelings or thoughts as you breathe in the aroma.

I focus on a single oil for an entire month so you can really get to know it. Some of the oils will be familiar, and others might be new to you. We'll also discuss some of the researched therapeutic properties.

Aromahead Weekly is a great way to enhance your understanding of essential oils and get ideas for new recipes!

Many of the recipes in the series have never been shared or published before. There are diffuser blends, green cleaning recipes, body butters, massage oils, and more.

I really enjoying writing about the oils and look forward to sharing these emails with you each week!

Owner/Instructor at Aromahead Institute
Aromahead Institute, owned by Andrea Butje, is a premier resource for online aromatherapy classes. Andrea offers her inspired approach to online aromatherapy certification through essential oil videos and original education materials. Check out her book, Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home, on Amazon!

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