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Great Aromatherapy Gift Idea! A Unique Way to Diffuse Essential Oils

by Andrea Butje on December 15, 2014

aromatherapy gift ideaI have a great Aromatherapy gift idea to share with you!

You can make your own essential oil diffuser blend for someone, and offer them a unique way to diffuse it with Aroma-Spheres.

Aroma-Spheres are small pieces of clay pottery hand crafted into different shapes. Some are imprinted with words or designs. They are made with natural-colored clays, and look beautiful displayed in a small bowl. They’re made by Essential Elements.

When you drop essential oils onto the Aroma-Spheres, the clay absorbs the oil, and then releases it into the space over the next few hours. It’s like clay potpourri! They’re a unique alternative to popular aromatherapy gifts like candle oil burners.

Aroma-Spheres are perfect for smaller spaces, like bathrooms, your office or the entryway to your house. Putting a bowl of them in your closet can leave just the right amount of scent lingering on your clothes.

To make an Aromatherapy diffuser blend, I suggest using a 5 ml orifice reducer bottle (I like getting bottles from Aromatics International). When you purchase orifice reducer bottles, the dropper-top isn’t yet secured into the top of the bottle. Instead, it’s temporarily lodged up inside the cap. Once your bottle is full, you screw on the cap, and the dropper-top locks into place on the bottle. Then you can unscrew the lid, and the orifice reducer remains in place.

Here is a great blend you can make for a holiday Aromatherapy gift:

  • 20 drops White Pine (Pinus strobus)
  • 35 drops Orange (Citrus sinensis)
  • 15 drops Cardamom (Ellettaria cardamomum)

This blend smells like a sweet and spicy orange pomander and evergreen boughs!

A 5 ml sized bottle holds about 75 drops of essential oil (depending on the thickness of the oils). If you have ideas for your own blend, I suggest going drop-by-drop to make sure that you like the aroma of what you’re creating. It takes more time, but it’s much better than using 75 drops of essential oil and then realizing that the oils don’t complement each other!

When you’re ready to diffuse your oils, just drop 5 to 10 drops right on the Aroma-Spheres.

If you make a blend you love, please share it in the comments below!

PS: We asked Essential Elements to make us special Aromahead Aroma-Spheres, just for fun . . . and we love them!

aromatherapy gift idea


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