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How to Get to Sleep When You Have a Cold

by Andrea Butje on November 17, 2014

Get to sleep when you have a coldA bedtime linen spray to help you sleep when you have a cold or the flu.

What are the main things the doctor tells you to do when you have a cold or the flu? Drink plenty of fluids, and get plenty of rest.

Drinking fluids is usually no problem, but getting plenty of rest can be easier said than done!

It’s not always easy to get to sleep when you have a cold . . . and lying awake all night restlessly can be so frustrating. I have a linen spray recipe that you can spray on your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases before you tuck yourself in, which can help your mind and body relax while easing respiratory troubles.

You can make this blend right in a 2 oz (60 ml) spray bottle.
If you're making this for a child, reduce the number of essential oil drops in half.

  • 2 oz (60 ml) water (I like filtered or distilled water)
  • 4 drops Cedarwood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana)
  • 4 drops Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 4 drops Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii)
  • 4 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil (Chamaemelum nobile)

If you prefer to use a solubol/dispersant in your spray, simply add 4 drops of solubol per 1 drop of essential oil.

Shake gently after you close your spray bottle, and then spray it all over your bedding (it’s best to spray under your pillowcases so you don’t have a wet pillow against your cheek). I recommend making a fresh bottle of this blend every few weeks.

The great thing about the essential oils in this recipe is that most of them have the dual effects of calming the nervous system and soothing congestion. When we combine them, they all work in synergy to enhance one another’s strengths.

Cedarwood and Frankincense, for example, are famous essential oils for helping the mind calm down. And Lavender’s relaxing qualities have been well researched. Roman Chamomile is one of the most calming oils I know. This oil feels like a friend to me, and having it send me off to sleep is so comforting.

Together the four oils are super-soothing! And they are all welcomed friends to your respiratory system.

I hope this recipe helps you get to sleep when you have a cold!

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Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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