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The Palo Santo Reforestation Program

Palo Santo treeI've had the pleasure of working with Ecuadorian Hands, a company that connects Ecuadorian artisans with the rest of the world through the sales of their crafts.

One of Ecuadorian Hands' star products is Palo Santo essential oil.

After testing Palo Santo with GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry), we discovered that it contains significant levels of limonene. I like to use limonene-rich oils such as Palo Santo (and the citrus oils) in anti-infectious blends for colds and flu, sinus infections, skin infections, pain and muscle spasms.

In order to extract essential oil from the Palo Santo tree, they use wood that has fallen naturally. While Ecuadorian Hands isn't deforesting to produce their essential oils, they still feel the need to return the fallen trees, which is why they support the Palo Santo Reforestation Program.

Through their support of this program, a percentage of money generated by the sale of their Palo Santo products goes directly to the project, which six years ago enabled the creation of a greenhouse. Since then, 40,000 trees have been planted.

To learn more about the Palo Santo Reforestation Program, watch the video below, and read more on Ecuadorian Hands' website.

Palo Santo tree image from Aromatics International.
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