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My Favorite Essential Oil Diffusers

by Andrea Butje on October 23, 2013

I've been receiving questions by email and on social media about what are my favorite essential oil diffusers. Take a peek below at a few diffusers from a company I love called Pilgrim Collection!



teoThe Teo is my favorite diffuser from Pilgrim Collection. It's made with handmade ceramic and FSC certified beech (or walnut) wood. SFC certified means it's harvested in an environmentally friendly way.

It has built-in LED light is very soft, and helps to create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. You can set the Teo to run for up to 6 hours in "fully on" mode, or you can run it in "intermittent mode" for up to 12 hours. It will turn itself off after 12 hours, or when the reservoir runs out of water.

Read more about the Teo.



sofiaLike the Teo, the Sofia is made of handmade ceramic, and the FSC certified wood is oak. It has a timer, soft LED light, and you can adjust the mist levels. (Fun!) It comes with two glass reservoirs (so if you accidentally break one, you're covered!).

The Sofia is a nebulizing diffuser, and you don't have to add water to it. Simply drop your essential oils into the glass reservoir. If you want to change the oils that you're diffusing, it's recommended to clean the glass reservoir. You can put one in the wash, and use the second in the Sofia. This diffuser is great for large open rooms!

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