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How You Can Use Coffee Flower Infused Jojoba Wax

by Andrea Butje on August 14, 2013

Coffee flower infused jojobaThe distillers I work with in South Africa produce a very unique infused oil: Coffee Flower Infused Jojoba.

Can you imagine the smell of coffee flower infused jojoba? If not, let me tell you--it's amazing!

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The jojoba wax (pronounced ho-ho-bah) is pressed from the jojoba seeds (Simmondsia chinensis). The seeds from the woody bush produce significant amounts of liquid wax esters similar to the natural nourishing esters produced by human sebaceous glands.

The coffee flower comes from the coffee tree. The flower has an exquisite, delicate, sweet floral aroma reminiscent of jasmine flowers.

The coffee tree grows wild in the Madagascar jungle, where the flower is hand picked.  The flowers only bloom in September each year.

Coffee flowers

Once harvested, the coffee flowers are soaked in jojoba and held at a low heat of 104 °F (40 °C) for 3--4 weeks (for comparison, boiling is 212 °F). The flowers are frequently stirred, and the scent slowly absorbs into the jojoba. After 3--4 weeks, the flowers are removed from the jojoba. The resulting oil smells simply divine!

Coffee flower in jojoba maceration

The coffee infused jojoba can be used as a carrier oil for essential oils. I use it as a base for natural solid perfumes by melting the jojoba with beeswax and adding essential oils.

Click this link for a solid perfume recipe using vanilla infused jojoba. The coffee jojoba can replace the vanilla jojoba in the exact same quantity.

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