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Aromatherapy Thymes Magazine

by Andrea Butje on June 30, 2013

SUBSCRIBENOW2I asked Loren from Aromatherapy Thymes Magazine to tell me about the magazine. Currently the magazine is digital and they are hoping to have print copies soon.

Loren: each issue we encourage and inform both the novice and the more experienced aromatherapy enthusiast. The main focus of the magazine emphasizes the therapeutic, physiological and psychological benefits of essential oils.

The publication brings up-to-date aromatherapy information on the proper uses of essential oils. Our audience of subscribers readers and researchers are environmentally conscious consumers who are actively involved in making their communities and
environment better and they realize it all starts from within.

We market to upscale spas, hotels, wellness centers, retreats, professional athletes and aromatherapy learning centers.
We include spectacular photos to reach a wider demographic. All market research indicates that the holistic health industry is growing exponentially.

As a company, we agree that making the world a better place is a priority and that the art and science of aromatherapy will help
achieve that goal.


Our Magazine Sections:

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils, Research and Reports, In our Diffuser, Essential profile: history, education, uses, distilling and appreciation

Living: Health, Home, Food and Beauty Updated information on living a holistic life.

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