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Simply Elegant Body Cream

body creamSimply Elegant Body Cream is quick to make and doesn't require any melting on the stove.

This body cream has a lovely thick texture, and coats dry skin beautifully. Even a small amount of this cream is deeply moisturizing--and it lasts for hours!

If you love the aromas of shea butter, coconut oil and Neroli, you just might fall in love with this easy to make homemade body cream. Shea butter is famous for its moisturizing abilities--and is used for healing and cooking by women in Africa. Coconut oil is perfect for addressing dry, irritated skin (and even conditions like inflammation).

Neroli is a gentle citrusy, floral scent, and the oil is known to support skin healing and soothe pain. The addition of the German Chamomile hydrosol to this body cream brings a surprisingly sweet and fruity aroma.

Some uses for your body cream:

  • take care of your skin after sun exposure
  • preventing stretch marks during pregnancy
  • for dry skin, hair and nails
  • as a nighttime moisturizer
  • to soothe itchy,  irritated skin

Simply Elegant Body Cream

This thick cream is exquisite for dry skin. The aroma is slightly nutty and smoky with coconut and a hint of fruit from the hydrosol.

1 tablespoon Coconut oil
3 tablespoons Shea butter
1 tablespoon German Chamomile hydrosol
3 drops Neroli

All ingredients need to be at room temperature.

1. Mash the shea butter into the coconut oil with a spoon (ideal if the coconut oil is liquid).
2. Add the German Chamomile hydrosol and mix to a smooth cream. Mix in 3 drops of Neroli.
3. Store in a glass jar. As long as the shea is fresh it will last 6 months. I recommend making this product fresh after that.

Notes: I keep my shea butter in the refrigerator. In order to get the ideal soft texture I leave 3 tablespoons of shea in a bowl on a warm windowsill. It takes a few hours to soften and then it is easy to mix into the coconut oil.

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