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Great Blog Posts

aromatherapy blogs I love

I've recently read some really inspiring blog posts that I want to share with you! So here you are--the great aromatherapy blogs round up!

1. Meridian Massage Institute's Blog: written by Cindy Black. (Trust me to lead off the aromatherapy blogs round up with a blog about massage! But I couldn't resist.) This blog is funny, wise, and filled with simple and effective techniques for living a healthy life (and with great pictures!). Really worth a look around! Cindy's post, Yin and Yang, Keep it Simple, is a favorite of mine.

2. Aromatic Wisdom's Blog: written by Liz Fulcher. Her blog is filled with color, stories, extraordinary ideas and information. When Liz writes about essential oils, she offers you a wide view into the possibilities of aromatherapy. This is a great post on Patchouli.

3. Robert Tisserand's blogwritten by Robert Tisserand. Robert's blog is a great read for all aromatherapists. The thing about Robert is that he is trustworthy. His information is solid, his intention is clear, and he is bold. A few months ago, he wrote a very interesting book review you might want to check out.

4. Aromatics International Blog: written by Karen Williams. Karen's information comes from an immersion into the world of essential oils through working directly with distillers all over the world, importing essential oils, and testing every single batch of oil she receives with GC/MS. This is truly admirable! Karen is also deeply connected to nature, and her posts reflect this. This is a recent post on Yarrow.

If you've written a blog post you would like to share, please post the link in the comment section. We would love to read it!

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