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Aroma Spheres

by Andrea Butje on November 28, 2012

Essential Elements aroma spheresI love walking into a room and being met with the aroma of essential oils! I guess it's not surprising that I've always loved aroma spheres.

My friends Minta and Terry of Essential Elements have taken ceramic diffusers to a whole new level of beauty! They call their inspiring aroma spheres "Pottery Potpourri."

Each bag of handcrafted Aroma-Spheres has spheres of assorted sizes and shapes, and a few impressed with designs and inspirational words.

A few drops of essential oils on a ceramic Aroma-Sphere is a simple method for diffusing the oils in a small, personal space. These precious diffusers can be used in every room at home and also at work. All you do is add essential oils to the ceramic spheres, and the aroma naturally fills the space. Easy, right?

I have five sets placed around the house: in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and my office. They live in small bowls and I keep a few bottles of various essential oils next to the spheres for easy use.

Last summer I bought 25 bags and on graduation day, I gave a set to each of the Aromatherapy Certification Program graduates. Essential Elements Aroma Spheres are a great gift, and each set has its own unique designs!

aroma spheres

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