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Ethnobotany Course on the Big Island of Hawaii

At the Sandalwood Symposium in Hawaii, I had the honor of talking with Kathleen Harrison and learning about her extraordinary work "preserving biodiversity, respecting natural ecosystems and traditions of ecological knowledge."

Kathleen Harrison is an ethnobotanist, and is especially interested in the relationship between people, plants and mushrooms. On her website, she says:

"We appreciate, study, and educate others about plants and mushrooms that are felt to be significant to cultural integrity and spiritual well-being."

From February 13--25, she is teaching an intensive workshop in Hawaii. The subject is global ethnobotany, especially as experienced in local Hawaiian culture and nature.

This is a small description of the intensive from Kathleen:

"We will visit gorgeous places from the coast to the living volcano. We’ll tour BD’s ethnobotanical forest-garden. We’ll be fed great tropical food and stay at a charming, rustic B&B. We learn together through presentations, discussion, and in the field. Kat’s friend and Hawaiian cultural specialist Momi Subiono will share her passion for history, art and healing practices."

For more information and to register, you can email Kathleen Harrison directly at: info@botanicaldimensions.org

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