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Rose Hydrosol from a French Distiller

by Andrea Butje on July 01, 2012

Rose hydrosol from FranceRecently, I visited a a lovely couple in France who have a rose distillery called Verdon, Roses and Aromes. They produce some of the most amazing rose hydrosol I've ever come across.

They have beautiful fields of organically grown roses. 5,000 bushes, and planting more every year! Along with their sublime rose hydrosol, they craft a number of other body care products with their distilled rose essential oils.

We wandered their fields, taking the time to "stop and smell the roses." They also have a new cultivated field of helichrysum and wild blue cornflowers. Perfection!

As we walked around, I was once again overwhelmed with appreciation for how much work these wonderful people put into growing their plants organically. It truly is a labor of love!

Lunch was just as divine! We sat next to the distillery and garden, at a table under an umbrella, and indulged in French cheeses, hummus, fresh local bread, olives, tomatoes and lavender cookies!

I'll never forget this beautiful experience. The amazing land, the beautiful people, and the aromas of the flowers and food were incredible. If you have a chance to try out their rose hydrosol, I highly recommend it! There's nothing like products crafted with such attention and love. I like to imagine some of that intention infuses in the product, and touches everyone who uses it in a special way.

Rose hydrosol heaven

Aromatics International has imported both their heavenly rose hydrosols (Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia). You can find them on their website in 100 ml size. Enjoy!
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