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by Andrea Butje on May 17, 2012

The essential oils that are distilled from resins are extraordinary. I love them all, and use my favorite resins daily.

Some of my favorite resins are Myrrh, Frankincense, Opopanax, and Copal. I love burning them, displaying them in small dishes, and using the essential oils derived from them.

Have you ever held a chunk of resin in your hands? It's so light, it's almost weightless! Sometimes I can't believe that such powerful essential oils can be distilled from something so light, yet so rock-hard.

Resins actually come from trees. They're drawn out by cutting into the tree's bark. Not too deeply--just deeply enough for the tree's protective processes to send healing resin to the surface. The resin seeps out and hardens over the next few weeks. The resin is then gathered and distilled to produce essential oils or to burn as incense.

We import resins from the distillers we work in in Ethiopia and Somalia. They arrive in huge, fragrant bags. Read more about my favorite resins in this post, where I mention a few different uses for each of my favorite resins and their essential oils.

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