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5 Great Ways to Use Hydrosols

What is a hydrosol?

5 Great Ways to Use HydrosolsHydrosols are pure healing waters produced during distillation. There are many different ways to use hydrosols.

When plant material is distilled, it's exposed to either boiling water, steam or both. The steam moves through the plant, and breaks open the structures that contain the essential oil and other plant fluids.

These fluids are then carried with the steam, and are separated as the steam cools in the condensing coil. The essential oils tend to float on top of the water (except for a few oils that sink to the bottom). The essential oil is siphoned off, leaving us hydrosols.



Here are my 5 favorite ways to use hydrosols:

  1. On skin: for burns, rashes, acne, hives, cuts, blisters, as a toner and for cooling
  2. On my animals: for abscesses, little wounds, itchy areas, and any skin issues
  3. In my house: for cleaning counter tops, windows, glass tables, garbage cans, shower walls, any tile, and to freshen the air
  4. In my car: cleaning windows, dashboard, steering wheel and for aroma
  5. In the classroom: on the back of the students' necks on hot days, to keep everyone awake during chemistry lessons, to freshen the room and to clean the blending tables.

What are your favorite ways use hydrosols? Please share your ideas in the comment section! Thanks!

3 Hydrosol Blends


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