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Handmade Aromatherapy: Heart Blossom Essentials

Heart Blossom EssentialsWe're so excited to feature an interview with Aromahead graduate KC Rossi, the founder and owner of Heart Blossom Essentials, a wonderful web store selling handmade, holistic aromatherapy products!

What inspired you to start Heart Blossom?
Heart Blossom Essentials was inspired by my sheer excitement with the plant world.  Through the years, my curiosity for “all things green” has grown, and in that, so has my respect for the healing nature of plants and their essential oils.  Heart Blossom gives me a platform to share and offer a line for others to experience the wide array of their benefits.

What are some of your personal favorite products?
I really love the System Support Mind/Body Healing Oil.  It's a combination of some of my favorite essential oils, including Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), Cardamom (Ellettaria cardamomum) and Frankincense (Boswellia carterii). It is so nourishing and deeply comforting.

A second, current favorite, is the Organic Lavender Hydrosol.  I carry the 1 oz mister with me at all times.  It is the perfect, all-purpose “catch all” remedy--from a quick face hydrator, to a room mist, cut & burn soother, hair freshener. . . the list is endless.

Do you have any advice for people who are just beginning to create essential oil product lines?
I think the best advice for a start up essential oil line is to begin with maybe three or four of your favorite blends, and go from there. 

Stay flexible, have friends and family be your loyal testers, listen to feedback, and give free samples! It’s all about relationship, trust, and quality essential oils.

Tell us more about your cleaning products.
The “Clean Me Up, Scotty!” line is a collection of the very best, all natural household cleaners. The biodegradable products consist of a Multi-purpose, Eco-friendly Household Cleaner & a Micro-abrasive Household Scrub.  With these two items, you can sparkle up your house from top to bottom. (Yes! Including windows!)

Also, with the addition of the Citrus & Lavender Laundry Powder, you can feel comfortable that all your cleaning needs can be met with safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free ingredients.

How have the products you make influenced your life and health?
I have a sensitive system. Delicate skin, with reactions to standard product chemicals, fragrances and home cleaners.  The Heart Blossom products have given me allergy freedom, which is a great joy.

Since creating a line, I have replaced every commercial product from my medicine cabinet, cleaning closet and body care regime.  I used to be a “product junkie.” I still am, but now I have the confidence of knowing the purity & effectiveness of every ingredient.

Visit Heart Blossom Essentials to support a fabulous handmade aromatherapy business!

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