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Distiller Spotlight: Florihana in the South of France

by Andrea Butje on February 10, 2011

Florihana distillery Florihana is a distillery in the south of France. This is their mission statement:

"At the foundation of our commitment to create the Florihana distillery were two main aims: respect for nature and development of highly therapeutic certified organic products for aromatherapists."

I believe they have accomplished both!

Florihana uses organic farming techniques for plants under cultivation. Any wild plants are harvested from sustainable sources with respect to their ecosystems. They have an exclusive distillation process set up, and they use very low temperatures to distill their plants.

They include the complete botanical name and chemotype, distillation date and batch number on all their labels.

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) reports are given for every batch on the Florihana website. The only other website I know that does this is Aromatics International, in Montana, USA.

Florihana sells organic essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, and soaps. They make organic cosmetics, honey, massage oils and more. You can purchase small sizes on their website--a wonderful feature for a distillery! The shipping is rather high, so it makes sense to purchase more items, or share an order with a few friends. Tell Alain that Andrea from Aromahead sent you! (No affiliate program, I am just a big fan!)

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