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Nurturing Skin Care Products From Bella Avani

Bella Avani natural skin careI just love blogging about innovative, new companies!

Bella Avani is an exciting company focused on herbal and aromatherapy skin care products.

They offer a variety of holistic and therapeutic skin care products--from bar soap to moisturizers to sumptuous spa scrubs--all uniquely designed.

The owner is Elizabeth Hornak. I first met Elizabeth when she took the Aromatic Blending class at Aromahead Institute this summer in Ithaca, NY.

The Bella Avani website is easy to use and fun to browse. This is what Elizabeth says about her business and herself:

"Bella Avani began as a very personal mission for me because my two daughters have highly sensitive skin. After a reaction to a well-known children’s lotion, I found that many of its ingredients were potential allergens and skin irritants. Unsatisfied with mainstream skin care products that were marketed as natural, I researched skin-nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower and sweet almond oils. I then formulated and prepared a salve for them to use and their skin went from severely irritated to healthy and restored. When family and friends began using the same soothing, nurturing products that my daughters use, Bella Avani, meaning beautiful earth, was born."

Visit Bella Avani for natural soaps, nourishing facial care products, body moisturizers, salves, cleansing creams and herbal teas.

Read an article about Bella Avani.

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