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Maggie Tisserand: Benchmark Thyme and MRSA

Benchmark ThymeA few weeks ago, I got an email from Maggie Tisserand telling me about an exciting project she has been working on with several thyme species/chemotypes, and Thymus zygis (Loefl L.), and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

This is how she describes the work on her website, www.benchmark-thyme.com:

"Benchmark Thyme is a unique blend of ethically grown (chemical and pesticide free) Thyme cultivars, carefully chosen to provide the most effective composition of anti-bacterial aroma-chemicals, whilst being gentle on the skin. There are around 350 species of Thyme (many with sub-species) and four make up Benchmark Thyme--grown and distilled in the UK."

Maggie provides this chart to show the main components within the essential oil of Benchmark Thyme, in relationship to Tea Tree and Thyme ct. linalool.

Maggie's website, Benchmark Thyme, offers more information about her project, several links to articles written about her research study, and information on her book, which should be available in early 2011. The book contains a summary of microbiology trials with well known (and lesser known) essential oils , an overview of the MRSA problem around the world, and research comparing Benchmark Thyme with Tea Tree.

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