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Mailbox Drama

by Andrea Butje on May 06, 2010

mailbox dramaWe recently moved into our new summer house in Ithaca NY.

After a few days of moving boxes and lots of dust, we remembered to check the mailbox. Instead of mail there was an infestation of spiders and ants!--and a note from our mail person.

She kindly suggested we buy some Wild Irish Spring soap, cut a sliver of it and leave it in the mailbox. She assured us it would encourage the spiders and ants to live elsewhere.

Well, for those of you who know us, Wild Irish Spring soap is really not an option.

What in the world would we do with the rest of the bar of soap? Would our mail now smell like the soap? There were many immediate concerns for us. We talked about it for a few days, noticed that just talking about it did not encourage the insects to leave, so we decided we needed to take action! This morning we marched out to the mail box, and confidently wiped the mailbox out with a paper towel soaked in peppermint essential oil. We then left the paper towel in the very back of the mailbox, hoping the mail person would not mind.

Tonight when we return home, we will check out the results. One thing is for sure, our mail will be smelling like peppermint all summer!

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