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Natural Essential Oil Air Fresheners

by Maria on March 15, 2010

essential oil air freshenersFrom public restrooms to your neighbor’s living room, you’re probably exposed to chemical air fresheners every day. Popular culture and advertising have created the sense that rooms are only clean and fresh if they smell “clean.”

What you’re not told is that air fresheners are full of chemicals that simply mask odors, hiding anything stinky and exposing you to potentially dangerous phthalates.

Synthetic fragrances are chemically derived. Over the past several years, the phthalates in chemical fragrances have been linked to everything from asthma to childhood cancer. Recent studies have indicated that pregnant women and infants are especially at risk when exposed continually to synthetic fragrances.

Does this mean your home should not be scented at all? Not necessarily.

Pure, plant-derived essential oil air fresheners offer pleasing and therapeutic aromas without exposing you and your family to synthetic chemicals.

Of course, the best way to ensure that your home smells fresh is to clean it regularly and avoid common odors like pet messes and garbage. You can also create your own natural essential oil air fresheners and cleaners without using any synthetic chemicals. For example, make an antibacterial spray using pure water and essential oils like White Pine and Lemon.

diffuserIf you love creating a sense of atmosphere with aromas in your home, we recommend using essential oils in a diffuser. Play around with combinations. You may find that you end up with a favorite morning aroma—maybe something with stimulating citrus oils or romantic florals. Then, in the evenings, you may be more drawn to calming aromas like Lavender, Ho Wood and Spikenard.

Blending for aromatic purposes can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re largely unfamiliar with the therapeutic components of essential oils. Relax and follow your nose. This spring, throw out your aerosol and plug-in air fresheners and breathe easily knowing you’re ridding your home of harmful chemicals.

If you’re interested in learning more about aromatic blending for your home or bath and beauty products, we recommend our upcoming Aromatic Blending aromatherapy class offered in Sarasota, Florida and Ithaca New York.  View and register for aromatherapy classes online at www.aromahead.com.

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