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Graduate Spotlight: Kokokahn, The Essence of Pure Organics

by Maria on February 01, 2010

We're so excited to feature this Aromahead graduate spotlight--a guest post by Traci Dalrymple, founder of Kokokahn.


My story begins nine years ago in Japan, where I was first introduced to the use of essential oils as part of natural healing and wellness. During my time in Japan I took a trip to Bali, fell in love, and discovered the name of my company, Kokokahn—meaning white heron in Balinese.

Bliss Set 3

Organic ingredients, eco-friendly practices, therapeutic aromatherapy and safety are at the core of Kokokahn. Green initiatives are implemented through education, recycling, and formulating products with organic and un-processed ingredients.

One of the reasons I wanted to create my company was to have the financial ability to give to those in need.

Community support currently includes donating time and products to service organizations. Most recently we donated 110 lip balms to the homeless in Sarasota. As we grow, we will be looking for a non-profit organization to partner with in order to make a bigger impact for those in need. Creating products that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals is also an important part of our philosophy.

Kokokahn has created a wonderful line of products--all made with integrity--that I'm truly proud of.

Immune Support InhalerAromatherapy inhalers are a convenient and effective way of delivering the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. We've got Stress Relief, with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils helps calm and ease daily stress. Emotional Balance, for those days when you’re feeling blue, depressed or experiencing grief of a lost loved one. Immune Support--created with essential oils of Thyme and Rosewood--provides long-term immune support for overall good health. And Breathe for congestion and seasonal discomfort, opening sinuses and lungs with Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils. Pop a couple in your purse or pocket and insert in your nose, breathing deeply throughout the day. The inhalers are especially good for airplanes and travel.

Soothe Joints 3Kokokahn has four body balms that provide anti-aging and skin healing benefits. Their newest addition is Soothe Joints, formulated for those achy joints and muscles that always seem to be uncomfortable. Kombo butter from Africa combined with essential oils of Ginger, Black Spruce and Juniper are all proven to soothe cold, achy joints and muscles. Other body balms include Coconut Body Balm, Dark Chocolate Body Balm and Tamanu Body Balm. All the body balms are super hydrating and skin healing for daily use.

Salt Scrub Coconut OrangeUnrefined Himalayan pink salts and certified organic sugars are the exfoliators in Kokokahn’s body scrubs. Tropical Coconut Orange and Coconut Lime salt scrubs slough away dead skin cells and moisturize. Pure, certified organic coconut oils, jojoba oils and citrus essential oils of orange and lime. Those scrubs are bright, cheery and uplifting. For a deep, peaceful sleep, Floral Harmony is perfect, with aromas of Jasmine, Chamomile and Lavender. Floral Harmony is also available in a bath and body oil and bath salt. Salt scrubs can be used in the shower or bath once or twice a week. Keep one by the kitchen sink to exfoliate and moisturize your hands regularly, helping to preserve their youth. They also work great for shaving your legs!

February 1st, 2010, Kokokahn is launching a men’s line. An aftershave and salt scrub perfect for your metro-sexual, masculine man on Valentine’s Day. Spicy notes of Clove and Cardamom with skin nourishing Patchouli and Frankincense essential oils. Witch hazel is used instead of skin irritating and drying alcohol.

For more information visit the Kokokahn website, email traci @ kokokahn.com, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook!

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