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Breathing in Health

by Andrea Butje on December 23, 2009

breathing in healthFragrances are experienced through the breath, and greatly impact our experience of the world.

Think of how you feel when you step out the front door and take in that first breath of springtime. What happens when you bury your nose in a delicious gardenia?

We can create deeply therapeutic and purely pleasurable experiences with aromatherapy. When we inhale, bringing in fresh oxygen, we also breathe in the molecules of fragrance. The chemical constituents of each scent have the ability to alter our spirits, influence health and immunity, create and recall memories, and shift our bodies’ chemical balance. Our inner worlds are deeply affected by what we breathe in.

When we inhale pure essential oils, we're literally breathing in health.

Aromatherapy--both a science and an art--is based upon the knowledgeable application of essential oils. Pure essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants, and have been used for centuries in healthy cosmetics, and as natural medicines. The naturally occurring chemicals that create the signature fragrance of each essential oil exist in delicate and complex balance, and carry the power to create tangible biological and emotional effects.

Essential oils can offer profound emotional, physical and spiritual support in our daily lives. They encourage us to slow down, breathe, and accept a nurturing gift from the world of plants. Enjoy your aromatic journey and happy holidays!

Owner/Instructor at Aromahead Institute
Aromahead Institute, owned by Andrea Butje, is a premier resource for online aromatherapy classes. Andrea offers her inspired approach to online aromatherapy certification through essential oil videos and original education materials. Check out her book, Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home, on Amazon!

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