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Interview: The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy

ijca The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy is an excellent professional journal, recognized among the most authoritative and informational publications on the topic. I asked editor Rhiannon Harris to tell us about the journal's history, content and goals.


Hi Rhiannon! Can you tell us about the IJCA?

The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy started in 2004 at the initiative of myself, Bob Harris and John Kerr. We perceived a need in the aromatherapy world for an evidence-based journal aimed at aromatherapy practitioners working with essential oils in clinical environments, or those therapists looking to deepen their understanding and extend their experience of aromatherapy in the clinical domain.

No other aromatherapy journal worldwide has this practically applicable science-based focus.

The IJCA has an additional unique feature, in that each issue is themed--thus providing the reader with a wealth of information concerning a specific topic in each volume, written by experts with their own perspectives on the theme in question.

We get a lot of feedback from subscribers, including comments that the journal inspires confidence in clinical areas, and contains sufficient scientific content to be used within medical environments. This feedback is further confirmation that our initial goals of being the leading clinical aromatherapy publication are being met, as we are encouraging and promoting effective and safe practice of essential oils in clinical settings.


Who are your subscribers?

Our subscribers are predominantly aromatherapists working in clinical settings, along with those who are interested in exploring clinical applications. This includes therapists working within (or alongside) hospitals, hospices, geriatric care facilities, schools, naturopathic clinics and private practice. We also have an increasing number of aromatherapy colleges and university subscribers who place the journal in their library for student access, and who promote the IJCA to their students as the leading journal. Doctors and pharmacists also figure in our subscriber-ship. A recent (2009) UK poll of aromatherapists at a clinical aromatherapy conference rated the IJCA as the main publication that they subscribe to.


What countries are your subscribers from?

Our subscribers are spread across the globe, but the majority are resident in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. We have increasing numbers of subscribers from Asia and South America, as well as France, of course--where the journal is published--and other European countries. The IJCA editorial board and authors are also truly international, with each issue including differing perspectives and aromatherapy styles from a range of countries that further adds to the richness of the publication.


What have been the topics of the previous issues?

The journal is published twice a year. Back issues are always available. Previous themes have been:

2004: Pain and Palliative Care
2005: Women's Heath and Child Care
2006: Dermatology and Wound Care
2007: Respiratory and Ear Nose and Throat and Dental
2008: Aromapsychology and NeuroEndocrine Immunology
2009: Rest, Repair, Recovery and Rehabilitation

Themes for 2010 include:
Infection and Inflammation


How do you find authors for the articles in the journal?

I have a lot of long-standing international connections in the aromatherapy and scientific world, so I commission a number of articles from authors that specialize in a particular aspect of clinical aromatherapy. Members of the editorial board assist with peer review and sourcing articles. Other articles and case studies are submitted independently by subscribers, researchers, former clinical aromatherapy students and colleagues.

I particularly welcome submissions from practitioners, and am available to guide authors through the process--from creating their initial draft to seeing their final paper in print.

Sharing information with the wider aromatherapy community via the IJCA is a rewarding experience, and may serve as a platform for further writing and publishing opportunities... and its fun!


Where do you hope to see the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy in a few years?

The plan for the IJCA is to expand its readership in both reader numbers and worldwide coverage, and to firmly establish its place as the lead aromatherapy journal for all those working to get this powerful therapy more accepted as an important health care modality. To achieve this goal, we need all the help we can get! We rely on subscribers to encourage other colleagues to subscribe, as well as to help us source appropriate material for publication.


To subscribe to the journal visit the IJCA website.

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