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Beat the Winter Blues with Citrus Oils

by Maria on October 12, 2009

Citrus oilsAs the seasons change and temperatures drop, many people get the winter blues. 

Despite (or maybe because of) all the holidays, shorter days and cold weather can trigger varying levels of depression.  Some are even diagnosed with "Seasonal Affective Disorder," a more severe form of seasonal depression.

If your happiness or general mood drops during the winter months, you may find some relief through essential oils.

The citrus oils in particular help bring a sense of sunshine and energy into your home and your heart.

Thanks to the bright, uplifting qualities of citrus, your home can feel energized and sunny even when it's not so sunny outside.  Try diffusing a blend of citrus oils such as distilled Lime, Grapefruit or Lemon essential oil.

You can also create a room spray or inhaler for concentrated use. Remember to be aware of photosensitivity when working with citrus oils.  If you're unsure about which are phototoxic, just stick to using products that won't go on your skin.

Focus on associating the bright, sweet smell of citrus oils with warm thoughts of sunshine and summertime.

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