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Resins and their Essential Oils

Resin essential oils

Resin essential oils are extraordinary.

Have you ever held a chunk of resin in your hands? It is hard to imagine that an oil can come from a hard, rock-like chunk that weighs almost nothing!

Resins are drawn out by cutting into the outer bark of the tree. The resin seeps out and then hardens over the period of a few weeks. The resin is then gathered and distilled to produce resin essential oils or to burn as incense.

There are so many wonderful resins. Myrrh, Frankincense, Opopanax and Copal are some of my favorites. I burn them daily, use the oils often, and put the resin chunks in small dishes to display them. They just fascinate me.

resin essential oils Myrrh resin

We import resins from the distillers we work with in Ethiopia and Somalia. They arrive in huge bags. As we take the resins from the big bag, weigh them and place them into smaller bags, the aroma is just incredible. The resins are sticky, aromatic and so light! Just an ounce of resin goes a long way! We burn the resin in a ceramic resin burner.

Sometimes I burn just one resin at a time, and other times I mix them. The aromas are all different and all incredible. The essential oils of Frankincense, Opopanax and Myrrh are all used for healing the skin and for respiratory concerns. I add all three of these oils into my lotion for nourishing my skin, I use Frankincense for headaches and to feel more grounded, Opopanax for asthma and allergies, and I use Myrrh if my throat hurts.

These resins and their essential oils are so beautiful--my life feels richer just having them around!

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