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Guest Post: Aromahead Graduate Kim Brooker, Verona Organics

by Maria on April 27, 2009

Today's guest post is by Aromahead graduate, Kim Brooker.

In the past, smells and scents never really meant a lot to me. Sure, I’d smile when inhaling jasmine flowers in my garden, feel relaxed when I used my lavender bath salts, and conjure up memories of my childhood up north when I smelled a pine scented candle. But that was about it . . . until recently.

I had taken a couple of fun and informative one and two-day aromatherapy classes over the past couple of years and really enjoyed them. But I was busy in school--becoming an acupuncture physician--and didn’t really appreciate or spend as much time with the oils as I would have liked. After graduation, and starting my acupuncture practice and with much encouragement from a friend, I decided to take the Aromatherapy Certification Program offered by Andrea Butje at Aromahead Institute. I figured that knowing the therapeutic uses of oils and making blends with them could possibly benefit some of my patients.

Little did I realize what a turning point this Aromahead class was going to be for me.

balmWhen I finished the 15-day ACP (Aromatherapy Certification Program), I came home with all kinds of ideas of how I could further use the oils. I was committed to using only high quality essential oils, and so after much more research decided to only purchase my oils from Aromatics International where they test every batch of essential oil using GC/MS technology coming from distillers all over the world. Every other ingredient that I use in my products is also of the highest quality and is either certified organic or are wild crafted, unsprayed. No chemicals or pesticides in my products!

With my daughter’s help and support, we started making blends of oils, lotions, ointments, lip balms, bath salts and inhalers at home and mailing them off to friends and family all over the United States and Canada.  The great feedback we immediately received solidified the small idea that was forming at the back of my mind—why not start a business to market these lovingly-made, handcrafted products? There are only a few companies out there offering such high quality products and using such high quality and healthy ingredients.

So, I have forged ahead with my plans.  I started small, making a few blends for patients; I then branched out and participated in a small local craft show. I was thrilled that people were eager to try my products and many appreciated my commitment to quality and organic ingredients. I then started participating in a really sweet and fun local downtown Farmer’s Market in Bradenton and attracted many more people wanting to make healthy changes in their lifestyles.

veronaOrganic body products are such an easy and effective way to begin a healthy change. My business website, Verona Organics, is up and running although I still have work to do on it. Creating new recipes and making new blends is much more fun for me than working on a website—but it’s coming along. I was a part-time teacher in my earlier life and have always loved to help inspire people to learn, so I have further branched out, and now offer Aromatherapy classes. Everyone in class has so much fun creating blends and learning about the wonderful essential oils.

When I began this venture only a little over seven months ago, I could never have predicted that it could have changed my personal and professional life like it has. I will be eternally thankful to my friend Cindy who urged me to take the class and to Andrea, a wonderful teacher and friend. I plan to continue creating products and teaching and finding time to fit in a few acupuncture patients along the way...the sky is the limit!

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