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A Natural Cold Sore Remedy that Really Works

by Maria on March 04, 2009

plant is in handsCold sore remedies can be seen at pharmacies, grocery stores, and on television all the time. While some people may have success using prescription treatments, others go on a quest to find a natural cold sore remedy that won't let them down.

After several years of formulation, Andrea Butje recently blended a highly successful natural cold sore remedy.

Her client found that a cold sore that normally became highly irritated and painful stayed small throughout use of the blend.  No swelling, no pain.

“No monster on my lip!”

Cold Sore Gel
Sandalwood essential oil -- 12 drops
Eucalyptus radiata essential oil -- 6 drops
Ravintsara essential oil -- 1 drop
Just under 1 oz (30 ml) organic aloe vera gel
3 ml Solubol dispersant

Apply as needed with a clean fingertip or applicator such as a Q-Tip.

Remember, when blending therapeutically, it’s crucial that you use high quality oils.  The oils you can pick up at your local natural grocer are generally not high quality and can actually make skin irritation worse!

Did this remedy work for you?  Share your story in our comments!

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