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Aromatherapy Recipes and a Give Away from Aromatics International

by Maria on December 22, 2008

Aromatics International features over 100 aromatherapy recipes formulated personally by a clinical aromatherapist with over a decade of experience.

On their recipes page, you can browse by ailment or intention—making it easier than ever to put your essential oil collection to good use. The aromatherapy recipes area features a broad selection of recipes addressing everything from acne to sun burn.

Already familiar with the aromatherapy recipes on Aromatics International? Try browsing through the individual essential oil pages. Each page has a recipe! You'll find blends to address everything from menstrual cramps to tension headaches--and they're all easy to make. Each recipe is one of Andrea Butje's personal favorites, which she's blended for herself, her friends and family.

Cold and flu season is upon us. Essential oils can help boost your and your family’s health without harmful synthetic chemicals. Check out the blend for early signs of a respiratory infection on the Ravintsara essential oil detail page. Or if you just need a boost, check out the immune support blend on the Rosewood essential oil detail page. One of the most popular supports for cold and flu is a steam blend—and Aromatics International has several recipes, including the decongestant steam blend on the Eucalyptus globulus essential oil detail page.

Aromatherapy blends and recipes aren’t just about addressing digestive, cold, or pain issues. Essential oils can also support general well-being, relaxation, positive thinking, and sensuality. The holidays are just hours away, but there’s still time to make last-minute gifts for your loved ones. Bath salts, mother blends for steams and diffusing, and massage oils make wonderful gifts for the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions. Find recipes on Aromatics International or experiment with your own formula.

Have a favorite recipe? Submit it in the comments here by midnight EST on December 31st.  We’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a free ½ ounce of Lavender essential oil—and we’ll feature your recipe here on the blog in January!  (Don’t forget to include your email address in the form so we can contact you!)

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