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Holiday Essential Oils and Aromas

by Maria on December 08, 2008

holiday essential oilsThe wonderful scents of holiday essential oils are a big part of the holiday experience.

A quick trip to your local grocery store or mall will have you inundated with candles and diffusers scented with cinnamon, baking smells, pine, and other "holiday scents."

Are there holiday essential oils that can provide any experiences like this? Try pine aromas. They are wonderful to diffuse—Siberian Fir or Douglas Pine essential oil are especially nice. Not only do they smell just like a fresh-cut sappy tree—they're great deodorizers, and can kill germs and microorganisms in the air. (Talk about multitasking!)

Remember that fresh boughs of cinnamon and other plants can add natural cheer to your home without synthetic chemical additives. We love keeping some fresh herbs like Rosemary and Sage in a bowl of water—try adding a few floating tea candles for a beautiful centerpiece. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the water to brighten the aroma!

Topics: Recipes and Blends, Douglas Pine, Holidays, Siberian Fir

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