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Aromatherapy Certification Program - A Student Perspective

by Maria on October 08, 2008

Students of the aromatherapy certification program When I started working with Andrea Butje two years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about essential oils. My concept of aromatherapy was limited to a general sense that Lavender was calming and Bath and Body Works carried a minty stress-relief lotion.

As I began working on the Aromatics International website, I was shocked to learn how many essential oils existed, and how varied their aromas and therapeutic uses seemed to be.

I felt like I had learned quite a bit by working with the content of the websites.

But it wasn't until I started the Aromatherapy Certification Program in September that I began to have a true understanding of the power and depth of aromatherapy.

aromatherapy certification program When Andrea discusses aromatherapy, she frequently mentions her relationship with the oils. I never doubted her passion, but in the past the concept made very little sense to me. Then we had our first blending activity in class. We sat around a big table and took turns simply opening and smelling bottles of Andrea's gorgeous essential oils.

It is impossible to truly describe in words the sense of energy and power you feel when you are getting to know pure essential oils for the first time. I immediately felt drawn to some oils, and others commanded an instant, deep respect. My classmates and I discussed our reactions, and what we liked and disliked, and before I knew it I understood to the core of my being what it meant to have a relationship with essential oils.

Andrea's teaching style made the days go by with amazing fluidity. I never felt bored or frustrated. We learned through activities, games, blending, discussions and engaging lectures. By the beginning of the second week, we all passed our first quiz--each of us stunned to discover how much we learned so quickly!

I've been incorporating the oils into my everyday life, and the process has really opened my eyes to natural alternatives to chemical cleaners, body care, scents, and health care products. After just two weeks of class, I already feel like my life is taking a different direction, and my career opportunities have absolutely blossomed. On top of all this, I have dozens of wonderful goodies to try on myself and my family from all the great blending activities we did in class.

I would like to share one of my favorite blends, a recipe I came up with for a healing face cream for my Fall/Winter dry skin:

2 oz. Unscented lotion from Aromatics International
1 drop Frankincense essential oil
1 drop Myrrh essential oil
2 drops Vetiver essential oil
2 drops Helichrysum italicum essential oil

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