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Helichrysum in Corsica

by Andrea Butje on June 08, 2008

Helichrysum Distillation in Corsica An inspiring trip to Corsica and France.

In Corsica, I visited a distiller, Michele, who I've been buying essential oils from this year. It was Helichrysum season, and I had the amazing opportunity to learn to harvest Helichrysum in the mountains with Michele and her crew.

Corsica is absolutely full of Helichrysum! It grows wild in the mountains and on beaches, and it's planted in the fields. It is such a beautiful plant, with so many wonderful therapeutic properties--like skin, scar and wound healing, anti-inflammatory action, and emotional healing from trauma. It's even great for headaches and pain.

HelichrysumIt's so amazing to meet the distillers of these precious essential oils in person. All the distillers I've met, including Michele, are people who love growing plants organically, who respect and love the plant world, and who are dedicated to the art and science of distilling essential oils. This is hard physical labor! They're always delighted to know how much we enjoy their oils, and how deeply healing the oils are for so many people.









In France, I saw an amazing field of Cornflowers! What a vibrant blue! This plant is distilled just for the hydrosol, which is often used as a spray to keep skin healthy. Cornflower hydrosol can also be used as eye drops to ease swollen, painful or tired eyes. As soon as I saw the plant and that amazing blue, I understood how healing this hydrosol would be.

Helichrysum and Cornflower are beautiful--they're two of the simplest, humblest plants offering very profound healing effects!

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